Chapter 378

Maisie pressed her lips together. Ever since Nolan had leaked information to Rowena, they had determined that she was related to those issues. When Maisie had tried to fool her with the picture of the man, Rowena panicked and admitted that the person she had sent over wasn’t the one they were talking about and couldn’t be sure if he was caught. It was obvious that she was the reason Titus had shown up. Titus frowned. “It’s just a small issue. There’s no need to turn it into this.” He still trusted Rowena. Nolan’s eyes were stern. He laughed. “Is murder a small issue?” It was rhetorical. Titus’ expression changed as he looked at Rowena. Rowena tried really hard to deny it and explained, “Grandpa, I didn’t. I’ve always been by your side. You know who I am!” What she meant was she would never do something to hurt someone. Titus hesitated, but he remembered that Rowena had been by his side for the past few years and had never done anything out of line or anything too suspiciou

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