Chapter 395

Rowena walked toward the table with a cup of coffee in her hand and placed it on the table. Seeing that Titus had been cold to her recently, she knew that he was holding a grudge against her after that night Nolan had nearly gotten into an “accident.” She bit her lips and said in a pitiful manner, “Grandpa, I already found out who wanted to harm Nolan. It’s Stone.” Titus was stunned. He put the newspaper down and raised his head to look at her, his face gloomy. “Stone? The guy I sent you?” Titus was familiar with Stone. Stone was responsible for giving assessments to those who wanted to join the Night Banquet. He had been working together with Hans in the Night Banquet. It was just that Titus had asked him to assist Rowena afterward. Rowena took a seat next to him and explained, “Yes, it’s him. Grandpa, I really had no idea that Stone would do something like that.” “You didn’t know?” Titus put the newspaper on the table. “He takes orders from you. If you hadn't abetted him, how w

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