Chapter 396

Cherie no longer cared about how she felt. Rowena’s expression changed slightly, and she quickly said, “Cherie, what are you talking about? Did someone tell you something? I really don’t know—” “You’re still trying to pretend? That person confessed that you’re the one who did it before he died. Wynona and her parents were all murdered by you!” Cherie’s words made Titus’ expression turn gloomy as he glared at Rowena. Rowena’s face was cold and stern. “Cherie, do you know that you’re slandering me by saying this? Wynona and the Winters’ matter has nothing to do with me!” “Well, if this matter is a slander to you, then the fact that Mr. Goldmann almost got into a car accident that night isn’t a slander now, am I right?” Cherie glanced at her and asked, “You asked Stone to do that, didn’t you? Stone is one of your men!” Rowena clenched her hands tightly. “Yes, it was Stone’s doing. I just told Grandpa that Stone did that secretly behind my back and against my will! I don’t even know

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