Chapter 397

Nicholas picked up the teacup, took a sip out of it, and chuckled. “You don’t know?” He then put down the teacup and said calmly, “That’s because both Stone and this man are dead, and they can’t be here to prove that this matter is related to you already, right?” Rowena trembled. Nicholas then said to Hans, “Go and bring that man in.” ‘That man? Who’s that?’ Rowena stopped breathing for a split second, and her cheeks gradually turned bloodless. After a while, Hans brought in Instructor Leach, who was still weak from the injury. Seeing Instructor Leach, Rowena completely panicked. ‘He’s still alive! Stone actually didn’t manage to kill him!’ Nicholas looked at Instructor Leach. “Tell us everything.” Instructor Leach did not want to betray Rowena at first, but he no longer cared when he learned that his brother had died, “Mr. Goldmann Sr., Elder Master Goldmann, Ms. Summers is indeed the mastermind. When Wynona died, Ms. Summers used my brother’s life to force me into helping h

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