Chapter 425

"Unfortunately, it was too late. Your mother was in the final stages and didn’t have much longer to live, so she chose to leave. “However, when she left, Strix gave her the antibody. There were only two in the world, and he gave one to your mother and kept the other. I think your mother injected the serum before she decided to get pregnant. Otherwise, your father would have been infected too, and you…” Erwin looked at her but didn’t continue. Maisie’s heart shuddered. “So that’s why my blood is special?” Marina had decided to inject herself with the serum when she was pregnant, even though the serum wouldn’t have worked for her. Thus, Marina had done it because she didn’t want to infect Stephen and wanted to ensure that Maisie wouldn’t inherit the virus. Had she made her decision long ago to try and leave without regrets? But why hadn’t she chosen her first love, Strix, and instead married Stephen, who she had just met? “Maisie, remember I told you not to let anyone know about y

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