Chapter 426

Maisie gasped and hissed. “You really have done it, Nolan!” After a long while, Maisie started to tidy herself up. Nolan chuckled. He then helped Maisie to put on her clothes and said, “You’re getting better and better, Zee. It seems like I've taught you well.” “Yeah. Do you feel proud?” Maisie said, and her cheek puffed like a pufferfish. This man was getting more and more shameless. He even started to do that thing to her! Seeing that Maisie was starting to put on a show of bad temper, a flicker of affection crossed Nolan's eyes. People said that a woman would only start to become clingy and behave in a spoiled manner when she fell in love with a man, and he did see those criteria in her. He held her in his arms contentedly and said in a low voice, “Alright. I found something today. Rowena knew that my mother was abducted.” Maisie was stunned. “So she didn’t tell your grandfather?” Nolan’s eyes turned cold as he replied, “She didn’t tell anyone, including my grandfather and

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