Chapter 429

The masked man fixed his blueish eyes on her body. His blood boiled while his Adam apple bobbed up and down in his throat. Seizing the chance while he was distracted, Maisie moved away from the gun and rose to her feet. ‘Bang!’ He missed his target. Maisie turned to his back and strangled his neck with her arm, choking him. Her gaze was stern as she asked, "Where is Nolan?" The masked man said something, and Maisie knocked him out cold. She took his gun and continued to run inside. Meanwhile, Nolan had taken down a few masked men. All of them were shot by him and were squirming on the ground in pain. After making quick work of the last masked man, he kicked his gun away when he was reaching for it. His well-pressed suit was torn and wrinkled. There were wounds on his arms and back, and there were beads of sweat dangling off the tip of his hair. He looked like a mess, but at the same time, he looked fierce and ruthless. He stepped on the back of the man’s hand and asked, “Who sen

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