Chapter 430

A sharp gunshot rang, and the bullet landed on Nolan’s back. Maisie was stunned, and then her pupils constricted. Under the lamp, the hard lines on his face softened. The light in his eyes was slowly leaving his irises as he gazed deeply into her eyes. He lifted his hand to stroke her face, and there was a gentle smile tugging at the tip of his lips. “Zee. Don’t worry, I…” He lowered his head, wanting to plant a kiss on her lips. However, he slowly fell down like a marionette with its string cut when he nearly touched her lips. Maisie hurriedly grabbed his body. She realized in surprise that he was shot in the back, and hot tears began to roll from her eyes. Hugging him, she cried, “No, no! Nolan, don’t sleep! I don’t allow you to leave me!” By the time Quincy and Cherie arrived with the police, they were stunned when they saw Maisie was crying with Nolan in her arms. “Mr. Goldmann…” The ambulance scorched down the road at top speed. Maisie sat at the side and cupped Nolan's ha

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