Chapter 431

After seeing her, Erwin said something to the doctor and walked toward her. “Zee, sure enough, you’re here in the hospital.” Maisie smiled bitterly. “Where else can I go if I’m not here?” She then looked at Erwin as soon as she responded. “What did you talk to the doctor about?” Erwin was taken aback for a split second and replied with a smile, “I was just asking him about Mr. Goldmann’s condition.” “Is his condition complicated?” Maisie asked and saw that Erwin did not deny it immediately, so she lowered her eyes, and her voice sounded a little hoarse. “Is his condition grave?” “It’s indeed a little complicated.” Erwin’s expression looked a little complex. If it were just a gunshot wound, it would be great news if Nolan was able to survive it. Unfortunately, Nolan’s situation seemed to be more complicated than a gunshot wound. Maisie was about to say something when she suddenly received a call from her father all the way from Zlokova. She hesitated for a moment before picking

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