Chapter 432

Not only the hotel’s water source at that time, but traces of the virus had also been found in the water sources of other places, so the outbreak of the epidemic had not been a natural disaster but a man-made one. ‘If Nolan is really infected, it will prove that my worries are right, and someone out there still hasn’t given up on the research of this genetic virus.’ … Maisie returned to the hotel and was stunned when Titus and Quincy came out of the hotel. Titus was angry when he saw her again. “Have you forgotten the promise that you made? Nolan is now hospitalized because of you, are you happy now?” Maisie lowered her head. “I’m sorry…” She could not even say anything to refute him now as Nolan was indeed shot and hospitalized because of her. Titus’ expression looked gloomy. “Nolan is taking huge risks just by being with you. If you really want Nolan to lead a better life, please leave him.” Maisie was astonished. She then asserted, “I can’t leave him.” “Then do you want to

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