Chapter 437

But once the incubation period was over, the infected would constantly cough up blood, and the immune system would worsen drastically—cancer cells would deteriorate quickly for those with cancer, metabolism would speed up, platelet count would become abnormal, and within a year, the person would pass. Nolan chuckled sadly, “So how long do I have left?” Erwin frowned. “Based on your current situation, about three to four years.” … Maisie brought the dinner that she made over to the hospital, and when she stepped into the room, she saw Nolan staring out the window while Erwin was nowhere to be seen. “Nolan, I made dinner for you.” She walked to the side of his bed and placed the dinner on the table. Nolan looked at her and smiled. “Okay, I want you to feed me.” Maisie didn’t oppose. She opened the container and fed him while sitting next to his bed. When she saw Nolan eating, she asked, “Has Uncle Erwin left?” “Yes, he left because he had something on.” Maisie continued to sen

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