Chapter 438

Nolan calmly answered, “Yes, there’s no need for me to stay in the hospital.” He then looked at Quincy. “Get me a ticket to go home for the morning after tomorrow.” Quincy froze. “But your body—” “I know my condition.” Nolan had made up his mind. Quincy guiltily looked at Titus, who shook his arms and said, “He can just go if he wants to. I have no say in this anymore.” He angrily swung his arms and walked out. Maisie bit her lip and walked to Nolan. “You should listen to Grandpa. It’s not too late to go back a few days later.” It was a long flight. What should they do if his wound opened up mid-way? Nolan looked at her coldly, his lips tightly pressed together. Maisie felt cold for an instant because she was not used to this. “Nolan?” “I have to get back.” He got up without an explanation and walked to get his clothes. When he took off his gown, Maisie could clearly see the bandage on his back. Other than the bullet wound, there were new knife wounds, probably from the fight

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