Chapter 439

Maisie’s hand that was holding the teacup stopped in mid-air, and she looked down. “No, it was with my business partner.” Maisie hadn’t seen Nolan since he left the hospital, and not even Cherie knew what he was up to. She took a sip of the tea but suddenly felt sick and ran to the washroom while covering her mouth. “Ms. Zora?” Even though she knew that Jones was calling for her, she couldn’t reply. She ran into the washroom and threw up in the sink. Everything she ate during lunch came back out. She turned on the tap to wash away the vomit, but she threw up again. It repeated until there was nothing left to throw up, then she washed her face and dried it with a hand towel. She realized that Jones was waiting for her when she got out of the washroom. Seeing that she was looking sick, he asked, “Are you not feeling well?” “I’m fine. It was probably something I ate.” Maisie waved her hand. “Do you need me to send you to a hospital?” Jones asked. Maisie shook her head and sque

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