Chapter 440

Maisie hugged him and pushed her face into his chest. “Alright, I believe you.” Nolan looked down, but his eyes were in a vortex that turned dark. … Daniel received a message and threw his phone against the wall. The men behind him lowered their heads and didn’t say a word. One of them carefully said, “Erwin is involved in this now, and since Titus Goldmann is back and knows that his grandson was injured, I don’t think he will let our men off.” Daniel stood in front of the window and took a puff of his vape. The vapor lingered on the glass and blurred out the reflection. “The men who are caught by Titus will not be coming back.” The man looked horrible. “What should we do then?” He breathed out vapor and asked, “What did Roger say?” The man answered, “He wants you to settle this matter. One more thing, the hospital has probably found out that Nolan has been infected.” Daniel’s eyes darkened as he slowly turned around. “Get rid of the men. Don’t let too many people know about

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