Chapter 441

Looking at them, Maisie could more or less guess what had happened, but she did not ask anything. Erwin turned his head, put his hand on her shoulders, and said, “Khan and I still have something to attend to, so Zee, you can go back first.” Maisie nodded and saw them away. At the same time, Cherie rushed up to her and said while huffing heavily, “Mrs. Goldmann, so you're here. I thought you had gone somewhere.” “What’s wrong?’ Cherie took a few seconds to calm herself down before saying rapidly, “Mr. Goldmann isn't doing very well now, and Elder Master Goldmann wants to see you.” Maisie hastily followed Cherie to the room. Inside the room, other than Quincy and Titus, she did not know the rest of the people. She reckoned that they must be the members of the Night Banquet. Nolan was lying on the bed. His face was pale, and his forehead was filled with sweat. A specialist Titus had hired was checking his body temperature. After getting his body temperature, he turned and asked Qui

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