Chapter 44

“Why would you even ask? Don’t you know that Mr. Goldmann’s girlfriend, Ms. Vanderbilt is the director of Vaenna Jewelry? It’s probably for her.” “I’m jealous.” A few employees were having a discussion. They knew about the story of Mr. Goldmann and Ms. Vanderbilt, but they didn’t know that it was true. Why else would Blackgold Group establish a new jewelry company? Willow walked to the front desk with some dessert. The receptionists immediately stopped talking when they saw her, but it was too late. She had heard everything. “Is Nolan in?” “Ms. Vanderbilt. He’s in his office,” the receptionist answered with a smile. Willow smiled and said, “You were saying that Nolan started a new jewelry company?” The lady was curious. “Ms. Vanderbilt, didn’t Mr. Goldmann tell you about it?” “He didn’t.” Her smile was a little stiff. The girl replied, “It could be because he was planning to surprise you.” Upon hearing that, her frozen smile faded and turned happy. “Thanks!” She proudly wa

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