Chapter 453

“What kind of attitude is that?” “Attitude? You’re talking attitude with me now?” Kennedy harrumphed. “We just let you have a taste of your own medicine. Besides, it doesn't necessarily need to be Ms. Linwood either.” After that, Kennedy hung up the call. The assistant walked up to Irene and said, “Irene, Soul has decided to change the spokesperson.” Irene had never been treated like this before, and her face sank when she heard what her assistant said. “They're just an unknown jewelry company, and they dare to disrespect me?” She thought of something and decided to publish a post on Facebook. #Irenababy: I didn't think it would come to this either. [JPG]# Inside the picture, there was a dog sitting on the upper floor and looking down at the people below. Many netizens immediately noticed the connotation of this picture, and her fans hastily commented when they saw their idol had published a post to tell them that someone had bullied her. #Irenababy is Mine: What’s wrong, @Ire

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