Chapter 454

Maisie put the tablet down. She was going to make use of the result of Louis being their spokesperson to prove Irene and the public that they were wrong. … By the time Maisie got home, she saw that Stephen was preparing dinner for the kids while Waylon, the little adult, was helping him in the kitchen. Daisie and Colton were playing games on the couch. When they saw her, Daisie put the gamepad down and greeted, “Mommy, welcome home. Have you finished with work?” “Yeah, I’ve finished with work,” Maisie replied as she took off her shoe. Reddy was lying next to them. Perhaps it was exhausted from playing with the kids as it soon closed its eyes and went back to sleep after taking a look at Maisie. While Stephen was setting up the table, he said to the kids, “Dinner is ready. Go wash your hands and come eat.” “Alrighty!” Colton and Daisie put the gamepads down, got up to their feet, and went to wash their hands. Reddy made a stretch and hopped down from the couch. It immediately

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