Chapter 456

Several reporters suddenly appeared in front of Maisie to interview her. “Ms. Zora, may I ask if the replacement of Soul Jewelry’s spokesperson is happening because Irene Linwood isn’t famous enough?” “Can you explain what’s the reason behind Soul Jewelry’s unilateral breach of contract and its decision to collaborate with another spokesperson?” The camera was almost shoved into Maisie’s face while the fans on the side shouted, “Soul Jewelry is just another snobby brand that looks down on others! Get your sorry *ss out of Bassburgh!” “A trash brand like Soul isn’t worthy of our Irene!” Maisie’s eyes dimmed as she looked at the camera. She then sneered. “Did you not hear what her fans just said? A brand like us is indeed not worthy of an artist like Irene.” The reporters were rendered speechless. They thought she would have an explanation for the situation and did not expect her attitude to be so rigid. ‘She isn’t afraid of being torn apart by Irene’s fans, is she?’ Irene’s fans

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