Chapter 457

‘Cherie, a young lady who loves money as much as her life would actually say that she doesn’t want a salary?’ Kennedy came over. “Zee, Mr. Lucas’ endorsement video has been released.” Maisie nodded as her gaze turned sharp. “Alright, let’s wait for Irene to embarrass herself now.” #Soul’s Spokesperson: Louis Lucas# #Irene Linwood was a No-Show and was Reprimanded for Being a Poser# Soul Jewelry instantly caused a sensation among netizens after its official account released Louis’ endorsement video on YouTube and other social media platforms. Many netizens thought that if Soul could invite Louis Lucas, the Prince of Violin, and had the balls to replace Irene, it was obvious that Irene had really out-posed herself and had managed to provoke Soul Jewelry. Just as the netizens expressed their different opinions and defended their respective views, Irene’s fans were still whitewashing Irene. They even released a video in which Maisie mentioned that Irene was unworthy to make things wo

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