Chapter 461

In the evening, Maisie went to pick up Ryleigh. Ryleigh was wearing a suspender skirt and had a pair of ponytails, looking pure and energetic. She got into the car and fastened her seat belt. “Why would you think of asking me out for a drink all of a sudden?” Maisie had already started the car and departed. She only gave off a depressing smile. “I’m in a bad mood.” “You and Nolan, did you quarrel or what?” Ryleigh sensed her emotions. “Wasn’t everything fine between the two of you before you went to Stoslo?” Maisie’s eyelashes twitched, but she could not bear to utter the sentence “we’re going through a divorce” in the end. She did not say it, maybe because she wanted to maintain the marriage in front of others, even if she was only lying to herself for a short moment. When they came to a bar, both of them ordered a cocktail respectively. Ryleigh stirred the drink with a straw and turned to look at her. “Zee, are you okay?” Maisie paused for a split second but then changed the s

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