Chapter 462

“Lew, it’s strange that you actually called your fiancée here to drink with us.” Tanner Hannigan was holding a red wine glass, and his gaze was fixed on Louis as he teased and chuckled. Louis did not respond to him. Ryleigh threw the snacks on the table at him. “Nonsense! What are you blabbering about over there?” Tanner avoided the projectiles and laughed. “We’re all living in the same circle. Who wouldn’t know about the engagement between the Hills and the Lucases?” No one in the social circle did not know about the news about the engagement between the Hills and the Lucases. It was already a fact that had been planned and prepared round the clock. Even if Ryleigh did not want to acknowledge the fact, she could not hide from it for the rest of her life. Donovan Santiago, sitting beside Louis, also teased Helios with a chuckle. “Hels, are you still not going to start thinking about your marriage?” Helios put down his glass. “I’m not in a hurry.” “You’re not in a hurry? You’re a

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