Chapter 464

“Yes, I envied him for having parents who love him, and I envied the freedom that he has.” Helios explained with a smile. The loneliness in his eyes made Maisie feel that he was indeed envious of Nolan. Helios added indifferently, “Someone once told me that it will be a tragedy if humans don’t have any dreams and don’t have the guts to live for themselves but only know how to follow the rules and survive this world, jumping from one day to another.” He then turned to look at her. “The person who said that was Nolan’s mother, Aunt Natasha Knowles.” Maisie opened her mouth but did not speak. He continued to say slowly, “The elders in my family have always been very strict. When I was young, besides learning etiquette and established practices, I also had to read various books to supplement my knowledge. And after I went to a private college, I had to learn even more things. Thus, I didn't have enough time to relax. I didn’t even dare to hope to be able to make friends back then.” M

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