Chapter 465

Maisie stopped talking. ‘I’ve heard from Cherie about the story between the Bouchers and the Knowles. If Yael hadn’t given up on Natasha because of his family’s arrangement back then, perhaps, Nolan wouldn’t have been the Nolan that I’ve known and loved. Helios wouldn’t have been the Helios who’s sitting right beside me either. ‘Everything has already been predestined, and if I hadn’t changed my mind back then, perhaps I would’ve never met Nolan. ‘The absurd event from six years ago led us to tread into each other’s life, sowing a seed that would only sprout later on. Six years later, the gears of fate started turning again, causing us to run into each other once again. But isn’t this all my choice? If I hadn’t chosen to come back to Zlokova to fight for Vaenna but continued to enjoy the fame and fortune that I had earned in Stoslo, I might’ve never met the father of my kids.’ Helios took a glimpse at his watch. “It’s very late already. I’ll fetch you home.” After hearing so much,

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