Chapter 466

“Nolan, you—” Louis wanted to rush over and beat him up, but Ryleigh was holding him back, and he couldn’t just push her away. Louis rarely lost his temper and would never fight someone without a valid reason, but Nolan crossed a line! “That's enough.” Maisie looked calm as a statue—her expression was impossible to read. Her fingers curled, turned cold, and shuddered. She looked at Nolan, her eyes finally turning red, and tears almost fell out of them. Still, Nolan wouldn’t look at her. He didn’t dare. “Nolan, what can you do to me if I choose not to proceed with the divorce?” Yes, she had lost her dignity, but she still wanted to try and salvage their relationship. She took a step back but wouldn’t accept the divorce. She wouldn’t leave even if he chased her away. How could she believe that the man who had risked his life to protect her in Stoslo didn’t love her anymore or that he was already tired of her? “Maisie, didn’t you hear him? Getting a divorce with him would be y

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