Chapter 469

“He wouldn’t ask for a divorce for no reason!” Maisie was obviously upset, her eyes red. “Elder Master Goldmann, I beg you, please let me see him!” Titus clenched his jaw, but his expression remained. “He made up his mind with the divorce. Why are you still bothering him? Don’t you think that you’ve gotten him in enough trouble? We won’t challenge the rights to the children, and Nolan even gave you some of his shares. Isn’t that enough?” Maisie’s cold fingers turned pale. Was that what she wanted? No! Her voice shook. “I just want closure.” Titus clenched his fist, which he was holding behind his back. When he remembered what his grandson had been through, his eyes looked cold. “Closure? I never agreed to you being together. I made him ask for the divorce. You’re not good enough for him.” If Nolan couldn’t be adamant enough, he would be the ‘bad guy’ who tore them apart. He gnashed his teeth and said, “Maisie, if you really care about Nolan, accept the divorce. We have given you

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