Chapter 470

The familiar smell of medical disinfectants made Maisie open her eyes. All she could see was the white ceiling. “You’re awake, Zee?” Ryleigh asked with a smile when she saw her. Stephen and Cherie were also in the room. After fainting, he had heard Cherie say that Maisie had been sent to the hospital and rushed over, worried. “Zee, the doctor said you need to rest well. You’re… pregnant and almost lost it because you were too agitated.” Maisie was stunned. She ran her hand over her belly and felt a little guilty as she had almost put the child in danger. She weakly said, “Who brought me here?” She remembered seeing someone before passing out. Ryleigh pursed her lips, knowing that she was expecting something. “It was my cousin. His assistant called him away.” Maisie pressed her lips together while blinking. Cherie went to help when she saw that she was trying to sit up. If her brother hadn’t told her, she wouldn’t have known, and Maisie was pregnant… After a long time, she calm

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