Chapter 478

Strix scoffed. “So, what can you do with your current ability?” Maisie pursed her lips tightly. He then stared at her and said slowly, “Why didn’t Erwin tell you those things? It’s because he knows that you can’t go against those people by yourself. The incident that took place in Stoslo is only their first step.” “You know about that?” Maisie glanced at him, looking slightly surprised. Strix placed his hands on the table and squinted. “There’s nothing in this world that I don’t know, including the matter between you and the Goldmanns.” Maisie’s expression changed slightly. She knew that Erwin might have told him things. ‘Uncle Erwin once said that he’s not telling me many things because it’s for my own good, as he couldn’t tell whether I could handle it or not.’ What had happened in Stoslo a few months ago made it clear to her that those people were unscrupulous and did not care much about human lives. The incident that she had gotten into was not what it seemed at all. After

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