Chapter 479

Three years later… In Bassburgh, on a dark night… Louis stepped into the bar, looked around at the crowd, and finally fixed his eyes on the woman who was sitting at the bar. He immediately recognized that it was Ryleigh. He walked over to Ryleigh and took the wine glass off her hand. Ryleigh seemed to be drunk at that time. She turned around to look at him and saw multiple images. “Why is it you? You can drink whatever you want, so why grab my wine glass?” Ryleigh struggled to stretch out her hand to grab the glass back in a straight line, and Louis grabbed her wrist. “Maisie is no longer here, and you’ve been living the past three years so unrestrainedly, spending all day, everyday drinking, haven’t you?” As soon as Maisie was mentioned, Ryleigh looked away immediately. “Why did you come to me?” Louis placed the wine glass on the table and looked at her. “Have you been in contact with Maisie in the past three years?” Maisie had gone missing after the accident three years ago.

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