Chapter 493

Nolan chuckled again with his profound gaze, “You wouldn’t have come out of the room if you didn't want to see me.” The moment Maisie had chosen to step out of the room, it meant she wanted to see him too. ‘The security of Mr. David’s banquet can be considered as the top of the notch when it comes to its strictness this time around, not to mention that I’m Mr. Henry’s daughter. Who would dare to lay a finger on me so casually? ‘However, of course, he’s famous for his huge pair of cojones. He even did it so blatantly.’ Maisie’s heart trembled. She had been aware at the time that the power outage must have been intentional, and she had guessed it, more or less… Maisie snorted. “You’re as cheeky as you used to be, Mr. Goldmann.” Nolan did not refute her statement, which meant that he had admitted it deep down. Maisie did not want to get too involved with him and said to Saydie, “Let’s go down.” Saydie nodded, took a glance at Nolan, and followed closely behind Maisie. Un

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