Chapter 494

Nolan sat in the dimly lit study, rubbing his glabella until Quincy walked into the study with a glass of warm water. Over the years, Nolan had to rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep. “Sir, do you need me to look into Ms. Vanderbilt’s affairs?” That included how she had gotten involved with Mr. Henry and the paternity test. Nolan’s eyes dimmed. “No, I’ve more or less already speculated about her relationship with the Metropolis.” It was obvious why Erwin would serve her mother back then and even protect Maisie up until today. Nolan took out the medicine box and poured a pill onto his palm, but he did not take it immediately. Quincy looked at him. “Ms. Vanderbilt surely provoked Roger as soon as she arrived in Stoslo. And I think her appearance at Mr. David’s banquet tonight was to win Mr. David over to her side.” The corners of Nolan’s lips raised inexplicably. “But they couldn’t have ever imagined that I had already roped in Wesley.” ‘Not only Roger wouldn’t have thought of

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