Chapter 506

Daniel spread his hands. “I’ll call my men and get them to withdraw from the villa at this moment if you agree to my proposal, I’m a man of my words.” “You just set me up a few days ago.” Maisie picked up her cell phone and put it back into her handbag, then stood up slowly. “Can I even trust you for a second time?” “You can.” Daniel looked at her. “I only want to get the negative vote, so I’ll let him go this time around for your sake as long as you agree to my term.” Maisie smiled. “Okay, I promise.” Seeing that she agreed, Daniel also took out his cell phone and made a call. “You guys can withdraw from the place now.” He then looked at her. “Are you satisfied now?” Maisie glanced at him meaningfully. “Mr. Kent, I don’t like to suffer a loss when it comes to business. You’ve taken advantage of me this time, and I’ll keep this in mind.” She gave him a faint smile and hurried out of the restaurant with a gloomy face. Saydie stood in front of the car and asked her the second she

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