Chapter 507

Nolan was startled, but a warm smile appeared on his face. “You’re here?” Quincy cleared his throat. “Then I’ll take my leave first.” He walked out of the room and closed the door on his way out. Maisie walked up to Nolan and stood in front of him with an expressionless face. “Nolan, are you planning to hide your infection from me until the day you die?” Nolan raised his gaze and stared at her but did not answer. Maisie leaned over to look at him, and her scarlet lips moved. “If you’re planning to die, please sign the divorce papers before you do so. After all, it will be hard to remarry if I become a widow.” Usually, when the concept of remarriage was mentioned in the past, Nolan would have expressed his jealousy by now. However, he only smiled and looked at her with his gloomy eyes this time. “Have you found your Mr. Right?” Maisie stood up and shrugged. “Not yet. If I have to come up with someone that suits my taste, Helios is not too bad, not to mention that he likes my kids

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