Chapter 50

Maisie always thought it had just been a coincidence. ‘So the man from six years ago really was him!’ Maisie was starting to lose her cool. That was why when Leila had seen Colton and Daisie, she had asked if they were hers. That was also why Willow kept her at arm’s length, afraid that she would get close to Nolan. Hah, she was not going to let them take her kids! No way! … Willow pushed everything on the table to the floor. Leila walked in on her throwing a fit, so she asked, “Willie, what’s wrong?” “Mom, we need to do something before that woman steals Nolan away.” Leila was not going to let that happen. She walked up to her, nervous. “What actually happened?” Willow told her mother everything about Nolan giving Maisie a jewelry company. After she heard that, her expression changed. “Maisie, that vile woman! She has so many tricks up her sleeves.” Ever since her return, the mother and daughter had never had a day of peace. Now that she had finally left Vaenna, she went

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