Chapter 511

“But if everyone learned that you’re Hernandez’s granddaughter, as well Alice of the Metropolis, and even have an intimate relationship with me, do you think they’d let you go?” Maisie looked at him with a neutral expression. “So I have no choice but to work with you?” Daniel shrugged. “You just need to lay low. We’ll take care of everything.” Maisie smiled and raised the wine glass, but there was no joy in her eyes. “Let’s work together then.” Daniel didn’t touch his glass as he seemed to have seen someone. He squinted, and his eyes flashed. Maisie turned around and saw Nolan being pushed in by Quincy in a wheelchair. The bodyguards and Daniel’s bodyguards faced each other, and the air became still as if a battle was about to break out. Maisie stood up immediately and turned to look at Daniel. “You did this intentionally?” Daniel shrugged, his face not showing a hint as to whether this was deliberate or he was oblivious. “Mr. Kent, we haven’t met in three years. I didn’t know

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