Chapter 512

Maisie coldly stared at him and immediately left the restaurant. Daniel finished the wine in his glass, put it down, and said to the person behind him, “Go look into her relationship with Nolan.” Maisie got into the car and immediately got a call from Nolan. She smiled and answered, “Your acting was on point.” Nolan said in a low voice with a hint of jealousy, “Don’t dine with him, come back now.” “No,” Maisie raised her brow, “I’ll go back when I’m done with dinner.” “You—” Maisie ended the call before Nolan could finish. She got Saydie to slow down and took a long time to get to the East Island Villa. Saydie was used to her visits to the East Island Villa and didn’t question it. Maisie walked into the villa and bumped into Quincy coming down from upstairs. He smiled awkwardly. “You’re here, Ms. Vanderbilt, Mr. Goldmann is… in the room. He looks angry.” “Angry?” Maisie paused and looked at him. “Nothing a little shower of love won’t solve.” Quincy was rendered speechless.

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