Chapter 517

“Your grandfather said your great-grandfather used to spend a lot of time in the study room. I think he should have kept the clues that your great-grandfather left behind.” Maisie returned to her senses. “The study room at the de Arma mansion?” ‘That’s right. Grandpa should have known that those people would come for him, and he would definitely have prepared for this in advance.’ Nolan grabbed Maisie’s hand and said, “Zee, there are two reasons I don’t want to disclose my conditions. One was I didn’t want you to know about it, and second, I’m guessing that they wouldn't dare to disclose it.” He had been infected with the virus for three years, yet the media still did not know what illness he had until this day. In other words, he had won the bet. Since someone was doing the experiment and the election was around the corner, the virus would only be more detrimental to them if it were made public before the election. “Just like you said, the only way to prevent the election from h

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