Chapter 518

Maisie hung up the call, and her face was getting darker and darker. Saydie approached her and said, “Miss, someone is coming. We need to leave now.” “He's not going to let us both walk out of here,” Maisie said as she tugged at Saydie’s arm. She turned to look at her and said, “But at least one of us can get out of here.” Saydie frowned. When Maisie and Saydie came out of the study room, they saw a few black-clad men coming up the stairs. “There they are!” They rushed toward them when they noticed them. Saydie pushed Maisie aside. “Miss, you go first.” Maisie looked at her and said, “Remember what I said just now and be careful.” Saydie was stunned. She looked at her back for a long while before nodding. After that, Saydie took off her jacket and dashed toward the group of men while Maisie tried to run away through the staircase at the back door. As soon as she came out of the door, someone appeared and grabbed her arm. “Try to run away?” Maisie raised her elbow and struck

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