Chapter 52

Nolan’s father, Mr. Goldmann Sr., had started as a fan of Natasha’s, and because of her, he had purchased Royal Crown with a huge sum of money and managed to take her home. It wasn’t just Mr. Goldmann Sr.. Helios’ father had been smitten by her as well, and this was something that everyone talked about for a long time back in the day. “Mr. Goldmann, how nice of you to visit us,” Mr. Mayweather, the director of Royal Crown, greeted him. “Didn’t you sign two children? Where are they?” Mr. Mayweather was stunned but smiled and answered, “The two had been getting endorsement deals ever since they made a name being on the magazine cover with Helios.” Nolan squinted, “Endorsement deals from which company?” Mr. Mayweather answered, “An advertiser under Snowflake.” After finding out where the children were, Nolan went to the advertiser. The two children’s manager, Angela, was with them at the location of the shoot. Helios had introduced her to the children, and since they had their br

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