Chapter 536

Erwin stopped beside her. “Are you feeling better?” Maisie nodded with a smile. “I’m almost fully recovered. By the way, Uncle Erwin, have your men found any information about my grandfather in Stoslo?” Erwin was slightly astonished, then shook his head. “Not yet.” Maisie lowered her eyes upon hearing this. ‘I haven’t heard any news about my grandfather so far, and I’m afraid things are getting more ominous than propitious.’ Maisie stood up slowly. “I want to go back to Stoslo.” “You can’t go back now.” “Why?” Maisie was stunned for a moment. She then asked when she saw Erwin’s slightly gloomy face, “Did something happen?” Erwin did not hide anything from her. “Someone developed a new vaccine in Stoslo using Strix’s identity, and this has caused a huge commotion in the country. The fall of the Kents had just taken place after the disappearance of Hernandez, but someone actually impersonated Strix to develop a new vaccine at this exact time. This is strange, and I’m afraid the s

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