Chapter 537

Titus relaxed and smiled upon hearing this answer. “Okay, that’s great.” Quincy’s expression looked obviously surprised. ‘The virus is actually under control? But if this person isn’t Strix, who else would have such an ability? Could it be that both my guess and that of Mr. Goldmann are wrong?’ The corner of Sue’s lips raised, and she gave off a smile. “Mr. Goldmann, do you trust my teacher now?” Titus had obtained that good result he wanted, so it was only natural for him to be more willing to believe in her. “It’s really thanks to Mr. Salazar. I’ll remember the kindness that you’ve shown the Goldmanns for the rest of my life, so feel free to bring anything up to me if you need it in the future.” “There’s no need for such a strong promise, Mr. Goldmann. My teacher has spent his life doing this research, and there’s nothing he needs. He’s satisfied as long as he can help more people.” Titus deeply appreciated Sue’s modest and reserved answer. “If you have any needs in the future,

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