Chapter 538

Maisie did not speak. Nolan felt a little helpless. “My grandfather was the one who asked her to stay back to take care of me.” ‘Although I didn’t need it.’ Maisie smiled. “Your grandfather really cares a lot about you. Strix from Stoslo has managed to control the virus in your body, and she’s Strix’s apprentice. Ergo, this makes her a great benefactor. Your grandfather should be breathing on your neck at this very moment, asking you to divorce me sooner and then marry her, shouldn’t he?” Nolan slightly frowned as he pinched her nose. “Aren’t you afraid of getting a bad tooth when you can’t stop being so sour about things?” “Don’t you touch me with the hand that you just used to grab her just minutes ago!” Maisie smacked his hand off her arm. She took offense to what had happened as if her belongings had been touched by someone else. She felt extremely disgusted! Nolan took her into his arms, and his voice sounded hoarse. “There’s no more room in my heart for another woman—you ha

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