Chapter 539

‘His enemies would think that they’ve gotten him, but in fact, it was them who were getting played in the end.’ Nolan pinched her chin, and his thin lips were slightly closed. “You told me that you were only going to be away for a few days. Yet, you were away for so long that I thought you’d never return.” Maisie blinked. “What if I really didn’t come back?” Nolan did not answer. Maisie grabbed onto the slightly cold hand that was holding her chin. “Nolan, wait for a while more. I’ll definitely be able to save you.” Nolan was slightly taken aback, then kissed the top of her head and forehead. “Did you go to Morwich to get Strix to save me?” “Yeah.” She wrapped her arms around his waist. “Strix already has a solution, but we still need to wait for a bit more.” … Sue took the elevator to the hotel's top floor as her expression turned sulky. ‘I’ve been hiding in Stoslo for three years and finally received the news about Daniel’s death. But I didn’t expect that sl*t to be alive!

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