Chapter 549

“But I can tell that you must have loved her.” Sue looked at Nolan’s face as if trying to find some expression. Unfortunately, she didn't. Nolan lowered the window a little to let the wind blow in and mess up his hair. “How can you tell?” Sue paused and answered without a hitch, “A woman’s instinct.” Nolan turned to look at her. “People change. I might have loved her in the past.” Sue’s heart skipped a beat. Was there a crack in his relationship with Maisie? She catechized, “Have you changed?” Nolan suddenly laughed and stared straight at her face mysteriously. “What do you think?” Her heart shuddered. She never looked Nolan in the eyes before, not even in the past, but hadn’t she been looking forward to this in the past? She had fallen on him in the ward, but he didn’t push her away. If it weren’t for that woman, maybe… “We’re here,” Nolan looked away, “Ms. Reynolds, have a great day.” Sue smiled. “Thanks.” She was getting out of the car when she turned her head. “Are you

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