Chapter 550

“Hah!” Adrian looked outside the window with a dark gaze. “The virus he was infected with was a mutated variant, and he’s already in the late stages.” Sue turned pale and held her hand into a fist. Daniel had only told her that it was the sleeper virus but didn’t tell her anything more. She had wanted that woman to be infected. Her face wouldn’t have been ruined if it weren’t for that woman, and Daniel wouldn’t have treated her that way either. She knew it wouldn’t have ended well for her if she stayed with Daniel. Thus, she had decided to leave Daniel after carrying out her task in Zlokova. She had bumped into Sue and learned that Sue was Adrian’s apprentice when she had nowhere else to go. Even though he was a lecturer at Turner Institute of Art, he was actually Jones’ uncle and had quite a lot of knowledge in medicine and viruses. He had even been in the same class as Strix. Hence, she had started the fire to steal Sue’s identity. After sacrificing Sue in the fire, she ha

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