Chapter 54

Had he discovered something? No, she couldn’t let Leila and Willow know about the two kids! “Zee, are you alright?” Kennedy was worried, so he came over to check. Maisie turned around and forced a smile. “I’m alright. Give me a few days to decide on the name of the brand. There’s something I need to take care of.” “Alright then.” Kennedy nodded. Maisie bumped into a man who was getting out of the elevator while she was getting in. She looked up and froze. Nolan seemed to be getting in her way on purpose. “Where are you going?” “There’s something I need to take care of. Are you concerned about this too?” Maisie smiled. “Have you watched the news?” “...” Maisie’s smile slightly dropped, but it wasn’t enough for him to notice. “What news?” Nolan passed his phone to her. Maisie looked at the photo of him, Waylon, and Daisie and laughed. “You meant the two children?” Nolan looked tense. She was still highly suspicious of him. Maisie handed the phone back to him. “I’m s

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