Chapter 553

Sue had said she couldn’t remember anyone and things that happened before the accident. However, she still remembered that she had worked in Luxella before. Just what kind of accident had she gotten herself into that required her to change her appearance? She wasn’t Sue. Even if she went over her back and got herself plastic surgery, she did not look like Sue completely. Nolan knew this woman had gotten plastic surgery before. Apparently, there was a probability she had been disfigured before getting the plastic surgery, so she had made up the story about the accident and pretended to be "Sue.” If she knew that the original Sue had worked for Luxella before and was able to disguise herself as her, she must have had a good relationship with the original Sue. Therefore, they just needed to investigate who the original Sue had come in contact with three years ago, and everything would become clear. Suddenly, something crossed Maisie’s mind, and she said, “I heard Quincy mentioning ab

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