Chapter 554

“You want the antibodies from me, right?” Strix said expressionlessly. Adrian was stumped, and an expression of embarrassment appeared on his face after Strix saw through his intention. However, he did not say anything in return. Strix stood up and walked up to the desk. He placed both his hands on the top of the desk and said, “I can give you the antibodies, but you need to promise me one thing.” Sue was outside of the study room. When she was about to knock on the door, she heard the conversation inside the study room and was shocked. ‘The real Strix is Henry from the Metropolis? He has the antibodies that can cure Nolan!?’ Sue’s face was getting darker and darker with each passing second. A cold smirk appeared on the corner of her lips as if she had thought of something. ‘Heaven will always leave a way out. If I can get my hands on the antibodies and save Nolan, I can be with him openly!’ … Maisie came to the apartment the fire had started three years ago. This apartment wa

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