Chapter 559

Adrian snorted. “Strix gave me that vaccine for research purposes. It can’t cure Nolan Goldmann as he’s infected with a new type of sleeper virus, which has no incubation period. “Plus, the vaccine I got from Strix is the one that was developed more than ten years ago, and it would only be useful to people who are infected with the ordinary sleeper virus. You know nothing about the virus nor the vaccine, and you have the guts to use it on him?” Sue shuddered, and the people around them seemed to have frozen, and even half of their voices had disappeared. Adrian then looked at the group of reporters. “Why are we studying antibodies? The vaccine developed by the Kents aimed to achieve an anti-cancer effect and improve human genes through the virus to prevent certain diseases. “It’s an idea that has a glorious objective, but unfortunately, the Kents had failed, causing the worst catastrophe that the human population has ever faced back then. The things we study are the same as those t

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