Chapter 560

‘What’s going on? The bodyguards actually let them through!?’ Strix came out of the Intensive Care Unit in protective clothing. “Have you brought it?” Erwin handed the silver suitcase to Strix, and Titus stood up slowly and looked at them. “Can… Can this save Nolan?” Strix took the suitcase. “As long as Elder Master Goldmann is willing to believe in it.” Titus did not say anything. After all, the vaccine he had allowed Sue to administer to Nolan had almost killed Nolan once. However, at this point, he had to believe in him even if he did not want to. Strix went into the Intensive Care Unit with the suitcase. Sue, who the bodyguards stopped, shouted at Maisie and Erwin, “This is a scheme that you’ve set up, isn’t it!?” ‘It must be their scheme! I’ve snatched the vaccine! How could there still be an identical thing!? This must be their scheme!’ Maisie turned around slowly and glanced at Sue. A smile then appeared on the corners of her lips. “What scheme are you talking about?” S

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